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Bucs Beat Up the Bullies

Game 1 between the Pirates and Brewers from Miller Park is in the books with the Pirates coming out on top by the score of 8-2.  The win put the Bucs at one game over .500 and made a statement to the “Brew Crew” that we aren’t gonna be bullied by you anymore.  The Brewers are clearly not the same team as the ones they fielded in he last few years without sluggers Aramis Ramirez and Prince Fielder, and with Rickie Weeks not being able to hit his weight this year, they are a team in trouble.

   Games 2 and 3 have favorable matchups for the Bucs with Eric Bedard up against Shaun Marcum in game 2 and James McDonald vs rookie Michael Fiers who has one game under his belt in the majors this year.  Bedard has been very good and McDonald has been…well…great, so I see no reason they cannot continue their strong perfomances against the Brewers this weekend.   To make it worse for the Brewers, Ryan Braun had to leave last night’s game with a hip injury and if he’s out…uh…can you say sweep?  I can!

    Once the Bucs SWEEP the ”not so big bad Brew-Crew”, They’ll move on to Cincinnati with a new-found confidence that just might put the Pirates in 1st place and in the drivers seat from here on in!

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              The Pittsburgh Pirates fresh off a split with perennial NL East Division leader Atlanta Braves are in St.louis tonight, tomorrow and Thursday for what just might prove to be a pivitol early season series.  The Bucs enter this contest firing on all cylinders and hope to send a message to the first place Cardinals that they are for real and will be in the chase all the way to the end this year.  The big difference this year is not the pitching staff led by newcomers A.J. Burnett and Eric Bedard, but rather the emergence of power-hitting thirdbaseman Pedro Alvarez and an offense that is coming together full force heading into this NL Central series.

             The Pirates have the underrated Alex Presley at the top of their order to start things off for now hot-hitting Jose Tabata and Neil Walker along with steady Andrew McCutchen who experienced a short little slump but appears to be out of now.  You add Casey MeGehee, Garrett Jones, and now the powerful Pedro Alvarez to the mix and you have an offense that has the potential along with the strong pitching to contend for the division title.  So, here we come St. Louis, when the big , bad, Buccos sweep this series you can't say you didn't see it coming, 'cause I just told just accept your time on top has come to an end and watch the Pirates on top of the division now and for years to come!...And it all started now...this series...HERE COME THE BUCS!

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Bucs Fall to Dodgers 2-1

Three Cy Young winners in the first 4 games to start the 2012 season should make thes next few games seem like batting practice.  Clayton Kershaw was the last of the three "Cy Youngs" they faced and were able to muster only one lone run against the young hard-throwing lefty and last years NL "Cy".  It was a 1-1 score going into the ninth after the Bucs were able to manufacture a run the inning before on a ground-out to short from Matt Hague scoring Alex Presley who also registered 2 hits in the game.  Jason Grille entered the game in the top of the ninth and looked very sharp on the first two hitters he faced, but Andre Eithier took advantage of a misplaced curve-ball and sent it into the leftfield stands making the the opening day a happy one for the L.A. faithful.

The Pirates, 2-2 on this young season so far have to be happy with the way their starting pitchers are throwing and can be nothing but encouraged with how their bullpen is shaping up.  The Pirates had their chances all game long and even in the ninth but it just wasn't to be when Andrew McCutchen hit into surprisingly his 3rd doubleplay this season to end the game.  Tomorrow's game features two pitchers that had outstanding performances in their 1st outings with Bedards for the Bucs going against Billingsley ... uh ... so ...maybe not quite batting practice yet but I like their chances to put up some crooked numbers in this one.  With a righty going, we're sure to see Garrett Jones and Pedro Alvarez back in the lineup.  Let's hope that "MONSTEROUS" home run that Alvarez was the 1st in a string of many more that will continue tomorrow.
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Pirates 2 Phillies 1

            In a game I was in attendance for, the Buccos and Alex Presley made my day.  With two outs in the bottom of the 10th, Presley came up with the winning run via Mike McKenry who actually entered the game as a pinch runner for Rod Barrajas who nearly ended the game with a drive that hit the top of the wall and came back onto the field to keep the Phillies hopes alive for a little while longer.  After lumbering into second, Barrajas gave way to Mckenry who was bunted to third by a Clint Barmes sacrifice.  The next batter was Josh Harrison who entered the game earlier and hit a double in his only other at bat.  Jose Tabata popped out, making the second out of the inning and leaving it up to the speedy Presley.

           Now, let's go back to the beginning of this event.  My wife Kathy and I were to meet my son Ben and his girlfriend Mallory at the Honus Wagner statue in front of gate A at the beautiful PNC Park.  Perfect.  There they were waiting for us with tickets in hand to give us for my birthday present from him.  Go in and as we walked through the concourse we noticed we could barely get through 'cause it was packed with an unusually high number of Phillie fans.  In our seats we were surrounded by the loud mouthed, ignorant, disgusting people wearing red and blue.  It took everything in me to not punch one of those boastful, idiotic, obnoxious, Phillie fans in the face as they cheered and chanted any time a Phillie player did anything remotely good.  The one comment that stuck in my mind that was uttered by the dimwit Phillie fan behind us when Alex Presley was introduced for his at bat was " Ha ha ha who is he? ha ha ha!"  I just looked back and said "You'll see!"

          He saw alright... he saw Presley use his speed to beat out an infield hit and win the game fo my beloved Buccos!  ... And I took great joy in turning around and looking at the now puzzled fan from "Filthadelphia" who was now holding his head in his hands in disbelief.  Yes, it was a beautiful sight to see especially having to deal with the over-bearing jerks who would blurt out "PHILS!" every single time us Pirate fans cheered "Let's go Bucs!"  The Pens took care of the soon to be "out" of the playoffs, Flyers earlier in the day and the Bucs finished them off at night, so go back to your hole on the other side of the state where you can be rude to each other and boo the players on your sports teams...'cause that is all you're good for you lousy scum of the earth Philadelphians!    

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Here are my predictions for how things will turn out in the 2012 MLB season. Go to Vegas and put money on it and you will be rich!

NL EAST.... MIAMI Marlins


In the NL , the Nationals will defeat the Bucs in the 1 game playoff and in the AL the Redsox will beat the Rangers.
The Nationals and Marlins advance in the NL as will the Redsox and the Yankees in the AL.
The Marlins over the Nationals in the NLCS.
The Yankees over the Redsox in the ALCS.
The MIAMI MARLINS will win the 2012 WORLD SERIES !               


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Opening Day

<p>                   First game of the year for the Pittsburgh Pirates was a pitchers duel between the Phil's Roy Halladay and the Buc's Eric Bedard for the first 7 innings until Ty Wiggington crossed homeplate giving the Phillies a one-run lead.  Carlos Ruiz collected the lone RBI with a sacrifice fly to Tabata who caught it awkwardly before he threw it high to Home or he might have had a shot to get the slow-footed ex-Buc.  The game went along on a really fast clip as there was very little action all game long.  Halladay went 8 innings giving up only 2 hits (both in 1st) and dominated the Buc's offense hroughout the entire game.  John Paplebon came in to notch his first save as a Phillie getting Andrew McCutchen to ground out to third to lose the game.  <br /><br />                   Neil Walker made a good defensive play in the game ... going on the shorstop-side of second, to make an incredible play to get the runner at first early in the game but today's Chucko Bucco goes to Eric Bedard who went 7 and gave up only 1 run.  Pedro wasn't bad striking out once and not getting any hits but did get good wood on a fly out.<br /><br /><br />Final Phillies 1<br /><br />        Pirates 0      </p>

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Burnett over Pineda and Kuroda

                      Yankee fans who are celebrating the departure of starting pitcher A.J. Burnett will be wishing they didn't... come the dog days of August when A.J. Burnett is racking up wins for the Bucs, and when Hiroki Kuroda and Michael Pineda are either on the DL or trying to regain their form in AAA.   Granted, Pineda has an extreme amount of upside as he has the propensity for throwing the baseball very fast and right past a lot of batters swings.  Unfortunately he he hasn't had to do most of his pitching in a "Band Box" like he will have to at Yankee Stadium in his "sophmore-jinx" year.  Kuroda meanwhile who played in the laid back LosAngeles, might not even be in a Yankee uniform in August as he won't be able to handle the pressure from the Yankee fans who won't be happy with his mounting ERA.

                       Meanwhile A.J.Burnett, who will get the "ACE" tag he so much coveted but couldn't earn in New York while wearing a Yankee uniform, and will be leading a rejuvinated pitching staff on a now... winning, exciting, team.  This trade that has so many Yankee fans laughing will be a constant reminder on a season-lost as the same fans who are praising the deal now, will be changing their tune saying that the deal should never have been done in the first place.  They will have to watch Burnett dominate the National League where he can pitch himself out of innings by being able to face and strike out the opposing picther again, like he did for the Marlins in his younger years.  The situation is this Yankee Fans..."Laugh now ... Cry later! while us Pirate fans will be laughing all the way to PNC as we watch the Yanks pay 20 million dollars to have A. J win the Cy Young award while pitching for the 2012 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates. ha ha ha

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Mike Stanton NL MVP in 2012?


             The young player most likely to emerge as a MVP candidate in 2012 is Mike Stanton of the Miami Marlins.  With two years of  Major League Baseball experience behind him, this young bopper already has accumulated 56 homeruns and 146 RBI while sporting a respectable batting average of .261.  Mike is sure to improve on those numbers with the Marlins moving into a new ballpark and the team bolstering its lineup this winter.  The Marlins were very active in the free agent market acquiring 2011 NL batting champion Jose Reyes who will provide Mike with RBI opportunities by getting on base in front of him.        

              Last season Stanton led all National League batters with 15 no-doubt homeruns (according to HitTrackerOnline) and hit the longest home runs of the season  in Nationals Park, Coors Field and Citi Field as well as his home park Sun Life Stadium.  As a result of his prodigious tape-measure blasts, he earned the nicknames “Moonshot” and “The Unnatural”.  The move to the exciting new Marlins Park and its retractable dome should only increase Stanton’s power numbers this year and for years to come.

            The Marlins were the most talked-about team at this year’s winter meetings in Dallas Texas.  They were “in the hunt” for Albert Pujols right down to the wire before he eventually signed with the Angels.  I mention this because it is the writers who vote for the MVP and Cy Young awards so many have already got their interests peaked with that free-agent frenzy and the signing of colorful manager Ozzie Guillen.  Having the outspoken manager can only propel the Marlins into the limelight thus allowing them to witness Mike Stanton’s prowess throughout the 2012 Major League season. 

           The sky is the limit for this 22 year old outfielder if he can stay healthy this year.  Last year he suffered eye and leg injuries which undoubtedly curbed his bid to reach the 40 home run mark.  He has shown improvement in just about all the measurable offensive statistical categories from his first year in the bigs to his second.  He improved his OBP from .326 to .356, his SLG from .507 to .537, his OPS from .833 to .893 as well drawing more walks and cutting down on his strikeouts. 

           There are many  reasons a case can be made as to why Mike Stanton will be in the running for Most Valuable Player in 2012.  Remember, Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder switched leagues and Ryan Braun might have to serve a fifty game suspension.   Addition by subtraction for sure, but those transactions give Stanton less perennial NL MVP candidates to go against in the upcoming season.  It can also be said that playing for a winner increases a players chances to win the MVP award.  With the Marlins additions of pitchers Heath Bell, Mark Buehrle, and Carlos Zambrano to go with Josh Johnson the Marlins should compete, thus making Mike Stanton’s chances to win the MVP that much better.

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